Amplificator Monacor PA-40120

1.484,84 EURO cu TVA

Amplificator Monacor PA-40120


4-zone PA amplifier,with 4 active 120W outputs,

for setting up a multi-zone PA system. A switch allows each of the 5 inputs to be assigned to one of the 4 outputs. Thus, it is possible to reproduce varying programmes in different areas. Another advantage is that an announcement in one area will not interrupt the programme in another area.

With the optional zone-paging microphone PA-4000RC, the amplifier can be extended to a 4-channel PA system. In combination with the fireman's microphone PA-4000FMP with integrated voice memory, e.g. an acoustic alarm system can be set up in schools.

  • 4 x 120WRMS
  • 4 zones, can be controlled individually
  • 3 mic/line inputs and 2 line inputs
  • Built-in adjustable monitor speaker
  • Chime and siren can also be activated via external momentary push-button
  • Bass, treble and master controls, level display via LEDs, controlled fan
  • Phantom power for electret microphones
  • Connection for microphone PA-4000PTT
  • Connections for 4 PA fireman's microphones PA-4000FMP
  • Mains operation and 24V emergency power operation
Technical Facts Amplifiers
 Output power                       4 x 120WRMS   4 x 170WMAX 

Mic/line 1-3                        2.5mV/5kΩ, 0.3V/15kΩ


Speakers                                1 x 4Ω,

                                            4 x 70/100V

Preamplifier                          0.775V/200Ω 

Record                                 0.775V/3kΩ 

 Frequency range                   45-20,000Hz 

Bass                                    ±10dB/100Hz 

Treble                                   ±10dB/10kHz 

 Mic                                   > 70dB, A-weighted  

Line                                     > 90dB, A-weighted  

 THD                                   < 1% 
 Admiss. ambient temp.          0-40 °C 
 Power supply                         230V˜/50Hz/1,500VA,

                                              24V DC current /40A

Dimensions                              482x133x377mm, 3RS 
 Weight                                   16.5kg 
 Mic/line                                    3 x 6.3mm/XLR (combo) 
 Line                                         2 x RCA L/R 
 Push-to-talk microphone            1 x RJ-45 
 Emergency                                4 x RJ-45 
 Chime mom. push-button          screw terminals 
 Preamplifier                              4 x screw terminal 
 Speakers                                  4 x screw terminal 
 Monitor                                    1 x 6.3mm jack 
 Record                                     1 x RCA L/R 
 230V˜                                       mains cable 
 24V DC current                           screw terminals