Convertor video Monacor VTM-20

157,29 EURO cu TVA

Convertor video Monacor VTM-20

Video VGA converter,

for the connection of cameras, digital recorders, video recorders, DVD players and games consoles to a PC monitor.


  • Suitable for TFT and CRT monitors with VGA connection
  • Full screen video display
  • Automatic PAL and NTSC recognition 
  • Brightness, contrast, colour, picture sharpness, resolution, frequency and video source can be adjusted via on-screen menu (OSD)
  • VGA feed-through input for PC, switchable
  • Supplied with PSU, VGA connection cable and audio cable with 3.5mm connector
Technical Facts
Resolution640x480, 800x600,

1,024x768 at 60/75Hz

Power supply9V DC current /600mA via

suppl. PSU

Inputs1 x RCA, video

1 x RCA L/R, audio

1 x SVHS

1 x DSUB-15, VGA

1 x 3.5mm stereo jack, audio

1 x low-voltage jack

Outputs1 x DSUB-15, VGA

1 x 3.5mm stereo jack, line