Difuzor Carpower MS-100CHQ

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Difuzor  Carpower MS-100CHQ
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High-End Midrange Speaker from CARPOWER

Turns the car (and if required the living room, too) into a concert hall: an almost unparalleled reproduction, a state-of-the-art diecast basket, a cone with an optimised dynamic power and a high power capability - all together available at a really favourable price.

Pair of top-class midrange speakers, 150WMAX, 4Ω,

for applications of highest requirements. Can be used from 200Hz on but ideally from 300Hz on, with an absolutely perfect response far beyond the midrange and therefore to be combined with any tweeter. This midrange speaker convinces inside a car in the dashboard just as in door linings or rear shelves (for rear shelves or other very open installations, a cabinet from 0.5-1 litre on is recommended). The sound quality is simply outstanding, the application with various high-tech bass speakers or kick bass speakers and tweeters inside a car, just as HiFi applications at home set standards. Supplied in pairs!

Klang+Ton 02/2005

"Excellent workmanship. All in all an effective speaker at a very favourable price."


autohifi 05/2005

"Provides a powerful bass reproduction which is breathtaking."

Technical Facts
Impedance (Z)
Resonant frequency (fs)105Hz
Max. frequency range fx-5,000Hz
Music power 150WMAX (300-5,000Hz)
Power rating (P) 60WRMS
SPL (1W/1m) 90dB
Suspension compl. (Cms)0.46mm/N
Moving mass (Mms)4.7g
Mech. Q factor (Qms)2.22
Electr. Q factor (Qes)0.55
Total Q factor (Qts)0.44
Equivalent volume (Vas)2 l
DC resistance (Re)3.2
Force factor (BxL)4.4Tm
Voice coil induct. (Le)0.2mH
Voice coil diameter25mm
Voice coil formeraluminium
Linear excursion (XMAX)±1.5mm
Eff. cone area (Sd)55cm2
Magnet weight 8oz.
Weight 0.8kg