Filtru pentru inalte Carpower CDN-302/SW

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Filtru pentru inalte Carpower CDN-302/SW


Car HiFi Tweeters and Additional Tweeters

in pairs, of various designs and qualities. The top models are either connected via crossover networks to be developed in a special application-specific design or high-quality universal crossover networks (CDN-...). A special cable crossover network is included with the high-quality miniature tweeters CRB-30. The other additional tweeters are equipped with integrated filters and can simply be operated parallel to existing systems.

Passive crossover network,

2-way mono.

  • Black (SW) plastic housing

Technical Facts
General Information  
Crossover frequency 5,000Hz
Output impedance
Max. input power200WMAX
Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C