Laser Stage Line LSE-10RG

87,17 EURO cu TVA

Laser Stage Line LSE-10RG

Mini laser effect unit,

with a facility for sound-controlled or manually controlled operation.

  • 2 laser diodes: red, green
  • Class 2M laser
  • Creates numerous rotating and diverging red and green dots with a power rating of < 1mW each
  • 2 selectable operating modes: music-controlled or manually controlled
  • Music-controlled via integrated microphone
  • Motor speed and stroboscopic function can be adjusted manually via controls
  • Aluminium housing with movable mounting bracket
  • Supplied with mini desktop stand
  • Power supply via supplied plug-in PSU
  • Dimensions of unit: 92x52x135mm
  • Weight: 830g


Class 2M lasers can be used without additional protective measures if it is ensured that the application requires neither intentional looking into the light for periods longer then 0.25 sec. (blink reflex), nor repeated looking into the laser beam or its mirrored reflection.

Risks comparable to class 3R or class 3B lasers may occur if light-collecting instruments like lenses or magnifying glasses are used