Linie de monitorizare Monacor MEVAC-LINE

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Linie de monitorizare Monacor MEVAC-LINE

MEVAC-LINE is a monitoring extension for the evacuation controller MEVAC-4. With larger alarm systems, many speaker lines end at the alarm system. The MEVAC-4 controller can itself only monitor 4 speaker lines in A/B wiring.

Each MEVAC-LINE extends the monitoring facility by 8 speaker lines in A/B wiring. For these additional speaker lines, 2 further power amplifiers and one emergency switching amplifier can be connected, if required. The MEVAC-LINE carries out the compulsory monitoring of the amplifiers' emergency switching.

Several MEVAC-LINE units can be operated at one MEVAC-4 without any problems.

The total of 4 talk circuits which are provided by the MEVAC-4 will not be increased by the MEVAC-LINE.

PA line monitoring unit,

for up to 8 speaker circuits according to DIN 60849 (VDE 0828).

  • Monitoring of connected 100V power amplifiers, with emergency switching
  • Monitoring of up to 8 speaker circuits, each separated in circuit A and B (16 testing circuits in total), for break, impedance deviation, short-circuit and ground fault. The corresponding speaker circuits are disconnected if short-circuit has been detected
  • Easy programming directly at the central unit via momentary push-buttons and display, interface provided for the connection to a PC
  • Screw terminal connections
  • 2 audio inputs, can be fed through
  • Power supply: 230V˜/50Hz/25VA, 24V DC current /600mA
  • Dimensions: 482x44x320mm
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Mains operation and 24V emergency power operation