Microfon cu zone pentr pa-40120 PA-4000RC

239,85 EURO cu TVA

Microfon cu zone pentr pa-40120  PA-4000RC


PA zone paging desktop microphone, for the connection to PA-40120.
  • 4-zone selector switch for activating one or several zones
  • ALL CALL button for activating each of the 4 zones
  • Automatic chime via microphone announcement button (talk)
  • LED status indication for the zone buttons (busy, emergency), power, mic fault, signal and talk
  • Built-in gooseneck electret microphone
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity
  • Chime can be switched on additionally or switched off
  • 24V power supply via PA-40120
  • Two RJ-45 jacks for the connection to PA-40120 and additional PA-4000RC
  • Supplied with connection module for PA-40120
  • Ten PA-4000RC max. can be connected to PA-40120 via bus
  • Supplied with 3m connection cable (Cat 5e)