Mixer DJ stereo Stage Line MPX-22

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Mixer DJ stereo Stage Line MPX-22

Stereo DJ mixer
  • 2 input channels (4 stereo ways, 1 DJ microphone way)
  • Gain control and 3-way equalizer with cut function for each input channel
  • Level control, attenuator and 3-way equalizer for the microphone channel
  • Pre-fader listening (CUE) to the stereo input channels via adjustable headphone output, with CUE pan control
  • Replaceable crossfader for crossfading between 2 input channels
  • Especially easy-sliding HQ faders
  • Stereo LED level display
  • Optimised sound due to separate PSU with plug with latching device

Technical Facts
Mic input1.5mV
Phono input3mV
CD input150mV
Line input150mV
Master output1V/600Ω (incl. booth)
Record output0.4V/600Ω
Headphones≥ 8Ω
Frequency range20-20,000Hz
THD < 0.1%
S/N ratio 63dB, unweighted
Equalizer, bass±15dB, +15dB/-30dB/50Hz
Equalizer, midrange±15dB, +15dB/-30dB/1kHz
Equalizer, treble±15dB, +15dB/-30dB/10kHz
Gooseneck light-
Power supply 15V˜/1.5A via

suppl. plug-in PSU


Admiss. ambient temp. 0-40 °C
Weight 2.8kg